Adjustable Steel Wire Jump Rope

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Adjustable Steel Wire Jump Rope

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Adjustable steel wire skipping rope

A jump rope is an effective and portable tool worth adding to your arsenal of equipment. It provides both an efficient warmup and a serious workout by itself. Studies show that rope jumping is amongst the top 3 most efficient calorie burning methods of any of the traditional exercises.

Product Features:

  • Fully Adjustable: Convenient sliding screw design makes adjusting the length of the cable to fit your height quick and easy.
  • Lightweight & Fast: The 360 degree handle rotation and lightweight coated steel wire ensures minimum friction for a smooth and fast spinning experience. Hit your double under everytime!
  • Portable & Convenient: Our compact and light design makes it possible to store the skipping robe in any regular sized bag and bring it with you. Get your cardio done or practice your moves anywhere any time!
  • Comfortable & Durable: The cable is coated in a 2.5mm PVC sleeve for enhanced durability and paired with large non-slip handles to ensure the most comfortable and reliable experience during exercise.
  • Superior calorie burner: Jumping ropes used with the right intensity has been shown in studies to be amongst the top calorie burning workout utilities one can add to his or hers arsenal. Why spend 30 minutes jogging if you can get the same calories burned skipping. It is not only more efficient, it is also a lot of fun!
  • Health & Endurance: In addition to better heart health and improved stamina, jumping ropes also improves how efficiently you breathe and utilize oxygen making this type of exercise an excellent choice for endurance athletes and anyone wanting to live a healthier and longer life.
  • Universal Use: A heavy jumping rope suits anyone looking to become healthier and improve performance. Perfect for CrossFit, strength training, weight lifting, bodybuilding, boxing, muay thai, basketball, soccer and more.

Light enough for high speed workouts - tough enough to handle intense workouts.


  • Material: PVC and steel wire
  • Wire length: Approximately 3m/10ft
  • Handle Length: 14cm/5.5"
  • Color: Black, blue, red.

Note: Excess cable length can be cut off and covered with the included rubber caps.

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