GPN Adjustable Posture Corrector

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GPN Adjustable Posture Corrector

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Poor posture can lead to aches and pains, but even worse it can lead to the development of subluxation, a condition where the spine becomes misaligned. It is very painful and typically requires invasive surgery and longterm pain management with prescription medications.

The GoodPostureNow Posture Corrector has been designed to help people develop a healthy posture, for longterm and permanent results.

Posture Corrector Benefits

  • Offers relief from back, neck and shoulder pain/tension.
  • Pulls the shoulders back and straightens the back to reduce stress on the spine.
  • Trains your body to develop a permanently healthy posture.
  • Prevents slouching (rounded shoulders, forward-tilting head, deflated chest).
  • Conditions the back to maintain a healthy and beautiful posture.

Instant Posture Correction

2020 Best Seller

  • Highlights the chest, shoulder and neck muscles.
  • Builds confidence - studies directly link a strong posture with a heightened sense of self-confidence.
  • Can improve issues of indigestion such as acid reflux.
  • Can improve sleep quality as a result of less muscle tension.
  • FDA Approved.
  • Supports chests sizes ranging from: 28"-47" / 71-120 cm.


Frequently Asked Questions


- How does the posture corrector work?

A posture corrector works on the principle of tissue adaptation. This refers to the fact that whenever you do something for an extended period of time, your body adapts to it. By keeping your spine in an optimal, neutral position your body will adapt and through this develop a better and healthier posture.

- Do posture correctors weaken my back muscles?

No, absolutely not. A Posture Corrector trains you to a better posture, it does not do the work for you. When properly used it may even help you develop a stronger back and neck.

- Can the posture brace be worn under clothes?

Yes, unless you are wearing very thin fabric it is virtually invisible. It can be worn in public without anyone being able to notice. For optimal comfort, we recommend wearing the posture corrector on top of a light piece of clothing.

- Which sizes does the posture brace support?

The GoodPostureNow Body-Body-Align brace has been designed with flexibility in mind. It fits men and women ranging in chest sizes from 28"-47" / 71-120 cm. Please refer to our size chart when you select your fit.

Size Chart

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