Intelligent Posture Trainer - Posture Corrector

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Intelligent Posture Trainer - Posture Corrector

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Smart Posture Trainer Brace

  • Ergonomical: Our Posture Corrector features a unique figure-eight design that is ergonomic by design. By providing pressure and support to the upper back, neck and shoulder muscles the posture corrector is able to relieve pain and corrector a hunchback and/or slouching posture.
  • Habit forming: but not in the bad way! If the user begins to slouch (more than 25°), the intelligent posture trainer will send out a vibrating signal and remind the person to correct the posture. This helps form good habits for long term positive results.
  • Back pain relief: Sitting in the front of the computer, or for any prolonged amount of time for that matter, can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain. Using a posture corrector can help relieve that tension and make you feel more comfortable.
  • Adjustable: Our posture corrector is easy to use and can be equipped by yourself without the help of others. It can be adjusted to fit your physique and can be worn beneath clothes, making it easy to fit into your daily routines.
  • One-size-Fit: The Posture trainer back brace has been designed with flexibility and user comfort in mind. It fits almost anyone, big or small, by supporting chest sizes ranging from 28"-47" / 71-120 cm.
  • Applicable Scenarios: The intelligent posture trainer is ideal for use in office environments, the home, while driving, during sports and even social activities. It seamlessly and discretely intereferes and corrects your posture when needed and can naturally correct a poor posture.
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