GPN Calf & Shin Compression Sleeve

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GPN Calf & Shin Compression Sleeve

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Calf & Shin Compression Sleeve

With an eye for detail, GoodPostureNow has created a premium calf compression sleeve suitable to your everyday needs. Made of durable, high-quality materials and carefully crafted to ensure an exact fit, we make sure you get what pay for. They're so comfortable, you'll forget you have them on!

Less Pain Higher Performance

  • Did you make sure to warm up? It is well-known that a warm muscle is less likely to be injured, and performs better overall. Our shin and calf compression sleeve is capable of increasing circulation/blood flow throughout your leg muscles while offering effective compression therapy to give your legs extra support without hindering movement to enhance your performance.
  • Shin Splints, or discomfort? If you've ever dealt with shin splints, reoccurring craps or muscle tension you understand the discomfort and outright pain this can bring. No matter if you are a runner, nurse, elderly or pregnant our lower leg sleeve can provide the necessary pain relief and increased recovery through improved circulation and temperature regulation of the muscles.
  • Superior Graduated Compression - When it comes to compression wear, not all products are created equal. Some doesn't fit right, some doesn't work right, but with GoodPostureNow, you'll be sure to get a quality sleeve fit with true graduated compression technology, which can help improve performance while reducing leg pain, discomfort and swelling.

 Product Specifications:

  • Material: Polyester, spandex, latex.
  • Texture: Fleece.
  • Length: 28/30cm.
  • Weight: 60g.
  • Sex: Unisex.

Package Includes:
2x GPN Calf & Shin Compression Sleeve

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