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GPN Compression Socks

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Sore feet? If you occupy a high physical demanding job, hobby or sport it is likely that you recognize the aching and sore feet after a long day's activity. Normally this isn't an issue, but if your feet are getting so sore that it interrupts your daily routine then you might want to look into getting a quality pair of compression socks.

Activewear Compression Socks

Product Features:

  • Provides support for sole, arch, heel and ankle pain relief and proactively reduces sore feet and increases blood circulation to aid and speed up recovery.
  • Compression technology enables optimal blood circulation to your feet, reducing lactic acid build-up. This has the added benefit of being able to improve performance of runners or similarly active athletes.
  • Increased blood circulation to aid and speed up muscle recovery and helps maintain joint stability regardless of activity.
  • Medical-grade & FDA approved.
  • Targeted ribbing arch-support offers unrivaled comfort and pain relief without compromising mobility - perfect for serious runners and athletes.
  • Form-fitting, breathable and lightweight design.
  • Ideal for daily wear can be worn beneath regular socks and any common footwear like boots, shoes, sandals and so forth.

Dry-fit, Anti-odor & Antibacterial

Pick the right size for you

For an optimal fit, we recommend performing the following two steps prior to ordering the compression socks:

  1. Measure their arch circumference.
  2. Select their size referring to our size chart below.
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex

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