GPN Compression Arthritis Gloves

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GPN Compression Arthritis Gloves

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Arthritis Compression Gloves

Are you looking to relieve swelling, pain and inflammation? Then the GPN Total Comfort arthritis gloves are for you! This innovative product has been designed by leading orthopaedic surgeons to help to relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis. These gloves not only provide optimal compression to your hands and improve circulation, but they also offer soothing warmth to provide arthritis relief even on the coldest days. The fingerless design allows the gloves to be worn all day, every day, allowing you to do your housework, write, type and do all of the other things you would normally do. 

Pain Relieving Compression Therapy
Our unique compression material will embrace your hand in a tight comfortable fit and provide gentle, but effective compression to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness in the wrist and hand.

How Do They Work?
Our gloves are made of high quality breathable cotton-spandex blend. They provide compression, warmth and support to swollen, stiff hands and associated joints. The compression increases oxygen delivery to working muscles and enhances circulation for faster removal of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes which reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness in the wrist and hand.

Open Finger Design
Our design gives you complete freedom to feel, touch and grip, so you can easily perform daily tasks with no restrictions.

Soft & Breathable
The lightweight, breathable lycra cotton-spandex fabric keeps your hands temperate and comfortable while retaining therapeutic heat.

Easy To Clean
Simply wash the gloves in warm water with mild detergent and leave to air dry.

Results or Full Refund
We have absolute confidence in our products. That’s why we have our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. For more information please refer to our refund policy.


  • Weight: 25g per glove. 
  • Material: Polyester, cotton.
  • Package includes 1 pair GPN Compression Gloves.

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