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The posture corrector is sooo nice. It has already worked wonders on my posture and thereby also remedied the soreness I usually have in my back.

Mathew Blair

I ended up ordering the wrong item, but through contact with Sarah (customer service) I immediately got it resolved. The product I wanted was the red resistance tube and it arrived quickly to the US!

Thank you GPN.

Annette Hammond

I got the complete resistance tubes set yesterday and im just so excited! The quality of the products are amazing, and it is a whole new world of training exercises that opens up. I cant wait to get started!

Carol Lee

Really great customer service! I have communicated with both Sarah and David and they are both really friendly, helpful and professional. And the responce time is fast. I will definitely order from GPN again.

Frankie Williams

Great product selection and fast delivery to Germany. Sehr gut, vielen Dank!

Viola Daniels

Quick delivery. I ordered two resistance bands just 8 days ago (US) and received them today. I'm very satisfied. Just sorry I didnt order the complete set.

Doug Sparks

I wasnt sure what to expect but I'm really satisfied with the quality of the product (posture corrector). Its soft, firm and just feels like a quality product. I feel like I'm already experiencing a difference on my posture, awesome!

Terrell Fowler

The posture corrector fits my needs perfectly and delivery took less than 10 days to the UK. I am very pleased.

Jill Silva

Always interesting products to be found on GoodPostureNow!

Lucy Quinn
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